OPMetrics App

KPI metric information to your team

How OPMetrics Works


Define KPI metrics

The business managers define a set of KPI metrics, with thresholds about good/medium/bad performance, and set these to be shown for tehcnicians, branch managers or global managers.

Send and upload calculated information

In the continuous process of business, business managers or accountants do send and upload calculated information about KPI status of each technician or branch.

Review KPI performances.

Technicians or branch managers can use the mobile App to review its current KPI performances

App Metrics
All your Data in One Place

Latest Branch/Department Metrics

Branch or Department managers can know the actual value of KPI metrics for the entire group

Technicians Metrics

Users can know what is the status of the particular KPIs that apply to them


The app publishes a set of APIs for your company to manage and upload automatically your KPI metric values

Other Branches/Departments Metrics

You can also know the performance of other branches or departments

Historical Metrics

A way to view the past performance of KPI to track your progress

Reaching Targets

It shows you the effectiveness of your company and employee at achieving key business objectives

All the features
A glance at the user experience

Users can view their KPI metrics depending on its roles: User/employee/Technician, Branch or Department manager, Region manager, global manager, etc.